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There’s no need to worry about waiting hours for carpets to dry from a traditional carpet steam cleaner or cheap home carpet cleaners. Our unbeatable dry times of less than one hour are unsurpassed by competition— they are often partially dry before our technicians even leave your home! For even faster service, we offer speed drying with specialized fans, which are perfect for families with children or pets. 

With our green cleaning systems, we guarantee that your carpets will be cleaner, brighter, and stay that way for months longer. If you’re looking to make your home more liveable through cleaner carpets, enjoy better air quality without harsh allergens and irritants, or want to extend the longevity of your carpets by removing stains or dirt that can damage fibres, our services are your perfect solution. Your carpets are a major investment, so if they’re starting to lack in comfort, look, or feel, call us today! 

How It Works

When you think of carpet shampooing, often the traditional method of steam or hot water combined with detergents comes to mind, which we do offer as part of our catalogue. In addition to these steam carpet cleaning techniques, we also offer dry cleaning that helps with overall efficiency while combating typical allergens. Our system begins with a mechanical scrub machine that first loosens stains by combing deep into the carpet pile to pull up any hidden or ground-in dirt unable to be removed by other conventional methods. 

Our premium Very Low Moisture system, VLM, uses cleaning solutions that dry completely, which provide a protective stain-repellent coating to the fibres for a longer-lasting clean. While other cleaning methods leave residue behind that will make your carpets quickly attract more dirt, our technique works to remove unwanted sediment and keep them away for an extended time. Plus, due to its unique chemical properties, VLM will never leave a sticky residue behind. 

What’s more, is that our VLM system maintains warranty standards due to its gentle approach to deep cleaning. Other high-heat methods often seriously damage the original stain protectant, but by choosing our system, you’ll only be adding to your carpet’s protection against irritants such as dust and dirt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look below for some common questions that our customers have about our professional carpet cleaning services:

Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

There’s nothing like getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Our industrial-strength equipment and specific techniques are not only more effective than home shampooing, but also faster and longer-lasting. Quicker drying times will help you get your home back in order much sooner. You will save more time and money by going with professionals, guaranteed.

How soon can you walk on a carpet after cleaning?

In most cases, your carpets will be fully dry within one to four hours if your space is a large house, extremely soiled, and/or heavily carpeted. Drying times will also depend on the humidity, temperature, and the carpets’ soil level. With our VLM, or very low moisture method, carpets are usually dry in one hour! 

Are home carpet cleaners as good as professionals’?

While, at first glance, the home carpet cleaners that you purchase in retail stores might seem to get the job done, they don’t have the power to give the deep clean you deserve. Not only do they leave dust, dirt, and allergens behind, but their steaming process can take up to a full twenty-four hours to dry. Our professional equipment can make your carpets look new again and stay clean with minimal drying time. 

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Making carpets look new is what we do!

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